1-4 Standard of Excellence

Journey Church - Standard of Excellence

Excellence is simply to do the best you can with what you’ve got and removing as many distractions as possible.

How to achieve excellence? GOD

7 P’s:

1. Prayed up: Your heart has to be ready to receive the people that God’s sending you

2. Punctual: If you’re not there before the people, you miss opportunities to take care of the people.

3. Prepared: If you’re not prepared to do your best, God won’t give you more to serve and care for. We are to do our best & then God will do the rest.

4. Persistent: If you’re not persistent your people won’t be. People do what people see, if you’re not coming on a regular, persistent basis; neither will those God’s sending you.

5. Pleasant: Smile – Good attitude (Romans 14:17-18 – An attitude of joy!)

6. Push Through: The right fear is not absence of fear, it’s knowing when and how to push through that fear.

7. Passion: An intense urgency to accomplish your God-given calling. People follow people not programs—people follow people with passion.