Join us the this November for our new series BREAKING NEWS!

Kids may not be absorbing the news cycle like adults are, but they are experiencing the news cycle through others around them. It’s tough to know what news is helpful and what news is true. This month, kids will have a chance to journey with a few prophets – Micah, Amos, Zephaniah, Ezekiel, and Isaiah – to discover news they can count on. Breaking News will help them develop a strong identity in an ever-changing world. Kids will learn that when things go wrong, they can choose what’s rightwhen they worship God, they can be sincerewhen times are tough, they can count on Godwhen they are lost, God will guide them, and that they can be faithful just like God is faithful.


Continued Safety

We are so excited to be reopened at Journey and our various ministries! Some things will naturally look a little different as we begin the slow process as we progress through the phases. The changes, although temporary, are for the safety of our members and volunteers. Specifically pertaining to our children’s ministry please see some of our new procedure precautions.


For Parents

  • All children will have a brief temperature screening
    • To comply with current guidelines any child with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed inside of the department for seven (7) days
  • Child drop off and pick up will be a little unique
    • Drop off zones will be with social distancing, please stay flexible through this time
  • Masks are required for all children ages 8 and up. If your child is below the age of 8 a mask is not requires, but will be allowed if you want to bring your child with a mask
  • The ratio of children in a room will be reduced depending upon age groups
  • In order to comply with certain health guidelines, the snack will be limited to fulfill this need
    • If your child has special nutritional needs, we encourage you to bring a snack in a labeled container for them

Additional Precautions

  • All staff and volunteers will be wearing masks
  • Only volunteers and church staff who have been screened will be allowed inside of the children’s department
  • Sanitizer and disinfectant will be used more frequently, with every room being cleaned and sanitized every Sunday and Wednesday


We thank you for taking a moment and reading our updated procedures. This will be a slow process where our goal is the safety of all our children that you and God are trusting us with. We look forward to reconnecting in person with all our faithful parents as we continue to trust the direction that God has given us through our health and government professionals. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Pastor Steven.


318.640.1273  |  Steven@Jcpineville.com  |  Real Love


About Us


Our ministry exists to bring children into age-appropriate WORSHIP where they can BELONG to the family of God, GROW in their relationship with Christ, learn to SERVE and then go “BRING those far from God, one step close to God, one step at a time.

Journey Nursey

Journey Nursery is our special ministry designed exclusively for our smallest members. Infant to PreK! This experience is designed to have fun and engaging music, energetic teachers, and a special Bible lesson that is age appropriate.

Journey Kids 

JOURNEY KIDS is our ministry for elementary aged children and is led by a team of staff and volunteers whose passion is children! Our team has crafted a complete experience for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade! Your child will dance and sing to one of our high energy worship songs, learn to pray, and gain a biblical foundation in our Kid’s environment!