7-4 Be the Church



Developing a Lifestyle of “Doing Life Together” Intentionally “Being the Church”

Journey Church Vision: Reach 100,000 by 2028 be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Use “Circle of Life” worksheet to reach out and share Christ with others! Begin with as little as 1 person. Keep inviting others to Do Life Together.

Several Easy Steps to Accomplish God’s Purpose wherever you are! Use the one that works best for the people you are ministering to!

  • ·      Journey Church Devotional Books
  • ·      JCAPP:
    • Watch 2-minute recap. Discuss insights with group.
    • Read outlines. Discuss insights with group.
    • Watch Sermon. Share insights with group.
  • ·      Help4Hurts – JC APP

o   Resource to any hurt to help you minister to anyone in   your group.

  • ·      Small Groups Study – to choose from:myjourneygroup.com


Share group experience with JC Leader. 

Text us at: 318-640-1273

  • Let us know what day you all will be meeting.
  • Take attendance.
  • Share what you all discussed.
  • Continue to pray and invite!