The City Hidden by a Mountain

Apr 23, 2024

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The City Hidden by a Mountain

Join Noah on his thrilling treasure hunt that leads him to an imposing mountain-like rock! Despite Big Steve’s concerns about the dangers of climbing, Noah decides to ascend, promising to be extra cautious. 🧗‍♂️⛰️ As Noah reaches the summit, not only is he rewarded with breathtaking views, but he also uncovers something extraordinary – a secret hidden city that could only be seen from the top! 🌟🏙️ This stunning discovery makes Big Steve think of heaven, much like a hidden paradise revealed to those who seek it. Originally, heaven was seen as a place reserved for God’s chosen people, the Jewish people. However, through Jesus, the beauty and promise of heaven have been opened to everyone around the world, just like the city hidden until Noah’s ascent. This episode is a beautiful metaphor for how spiritual journeys can lead to unexpected and universal revelations. ✨🕊️

The Bible

One in Christ:


The Big Idea

Jesus brings everyone together!

Talk It Out

What does verse 13 mean?

What does Verse 21-22 mean?

In what ways does Jesus bring everyone together?

Is it hard to keep peace?

How can we keep the peace with people?

Focus On This

The emphasis for the kids this week should be that Jesus brings everyone together! Jesus keeps the peace and brings us all together!

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