Just Faith It | The Greatest Example of Faith

Jesus had faith that He would be united back in unity with those who betrayed Him. Matthew 26:31-50, TLB; 1 Corinthians 10:12, TLB

Jesus loved His disciples, but they all betrayed and deserted Him when He needed them most. Never get too prideful that you don’t you can fall or sin. People betrayed Jesus and they will betray us. Forgive them in faith before they ask. Pray you don’t commit the same sin. We need to be careful how we judge others.

By Faith Jesus still brought them with Him.

it takes great faith to bring those with you that you know are going to betray you. By faith, Jesus believed that this would help them grow in the Christian faith, but it would not be until after His death. By faith, are you willing to still help those who might not realize it until later in life?

By Great Faith, Jesus shared His inner-most feeling with those closet to Him.

Everyone needs someone they can share their inner-most feelings and concerns. Most do not share because they are concerned about being betrayed. By faith, Jesus took it to His Father and now our Father. John 20:17

By Faith Jesus believed His Father’s will was best in spite of what He knew He was about to face. Matthew 26:39, TLB; Matthew 26:40-44 TLB

This was the worst time in Jesus’ life and by faith, He trusted His Father. This is a picture of what we are to do during the worst times in our life; God our Father knows best even when we can’t see it or understand it. When we are hurting and sad, the first thing to do is ask the Father to remove it! The second thing to do is to as our Father, “If it is not your will, give me the strength to go through it.” Third is to as God to give us faith to believe that He will work it out for our good.

By Faith Jesus allowed one of His disciples to betray Him. Matthew 26:45-50, TLB; Hebrews 4:15-16, NKJV

Judas was one of Jesus’ closest disciples, yet still went to Hell. You will be betrayed and hurt. Believe that you can still have unity with those who hurt you, betrayed you, and made you sad. Believe by faith that whatever you’re going through, God can give you the strength to go through it, remove it, and use it for your good and His glory no matter what it is. Remember, Jesus understands what we are going through and He is there to help us.