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Aug 28, 2020

How to Use Our Faith | Example of a woman who had Faith and Action

Hebrews 11:1-3, NKJV; Matthew8:5-10, NKJV

Truths to empower us to just FAITH IT! Mark5:25-34, NKJV

Jesus can turn our emotional and physical pain into victorious gain. God always has the final Word. If you are not dead, God’s not done.

This woman is a wonderful example of what it looks like to Faith It–she had Faith and Action. Mark 5:28, NKJV; CEV; AMP

She had a problem that looked impossible to fix. She did not let what others said to stop her from believing Jesus could change her situation. (That’s faith) It looks impossible but with Jesus, nothing is impossible. She acted on her faith by going to Jesus and not allow the crowd to stop her. She had Faith Talks instead of Fake Talks. She talked herself into a miracle while most talk themselves out of one. What do your self -talk sound like? Her life was changed Immediately. Mark 5:29-34, NKJV

Sermon Video Transcription

James Greer (00:01):
One of the things you noticed if get your bulletins out, too, that they had to take the leap of faith. In other words, you got ready, you get her in the car and you got ready to come because you’re going to see today. The woman had had an issue of blood for 12 years. She had to take a leap of faith to get out and to go see Jesus. And then, then she had the miracle. Amen? If you have your bulletins, I want you to open them and that there’s something there that says, Jesus can turn your emotional and physical pain into victorious gain. And that’s what I wanted the whole kind of series to be about today. I want us to understand that God can turn whatever emotional, physical pain that you’re in right now. He can turn it into unbelievable spiritual gain. Amen? Okay.

James Greer (00:41):
Let’s welcome are online people. Amen? And lets welcome our dynamic youth department. Woo. They are rocking the house you all. We’re so glad for them. Before we get into part three of, let me give you a review of part one. Because when you talk about faith, we talked about what faith is and we have to know what Hebrews 11:1, what faith is. It says, now faith is a substance of things hoped for. So, we’ve got to know faith has substance. Amen? And that means a foundation that are hoped for and evidence of things that are not seeing. So God says, I want you to understand for by it, the elders ordained a good testimony. And then I love the last part, by faith we understand that the worlds were framed, the worlds were framed by the word of God. How were the worlds framed? By the word of God. That’s some powerful stuff. Amen?

James Greer (01:31):
So that the things which are seen were not made of things, which were visible. In other words, God said, I’m the God that takes things. I can take nothing and make something out of it. I can take nothing marriage, I can take a nothing bank account and give you enough money to get here. Amen? And he’s also a great servant here. And we appreciate that. So, when faith is the right faith, it has substance, it has the right foundation. And when you have the right faith, it brings stability into your life. Stability and steadfastness comes from substance. You also have evidence. Evidence is, he got ready to move and right as he moved, God worked in his life. He gave him the money that he needed and that’s experienced in the power of God. So you know that God is real, the right faith. God’s word, framed the world. Completed, restored. He can restore whatever you need restored. He can complete whatever needs to be completed.

James Greer (02:23):
Then the next week we talked about, how to have faith. You’ve got to hear the word preached, Amen? You need to confess the word and you need to act on the word. So today we’re going to talk about how to use our faith. Now I want you to know next Sunday, if you’re in a small group, there’ll be teaching something called refocus. And it’s how to have peace even during the pandemic. So, you want to go to a small group. Alright listen.

James Greer (03:16):
Number 1, truths to empower us to just faith it. So many times that what we have to do, we just have to faith it. We can’t see it physically yet, but we know that God’s moving. Mark 5, you’re going to see a woman that really learned how to faith it. Now, there was a certain woman who had a flow of blood for how long? How long? 12 years. And as a certain woman doesn’t even say who she is. Doesn’t even give her name. You know why ladies just put your name in there. Amen? I don’t know how long you’ve had problems. I don’t know how long you’ve had difficulties, but don’t give up. She’d had it for 12 years and she had many problems. You’re going to find out that she has suffered many things. How many things? Many things. From a things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and no better, rather worse. Have you tried to do one thing after another.

James Greer (04:15):
Listen, I’m going to spend my money. I’m going to do my time. I’m going to do my energy. And things are not getting better, they’re just getting worse. She suffered not some things, but many things. She’d been to doctor after doctor, after doctor. And that’s why I say number I want you to remember, that Jesus can take your emotional and physical pain and turn it into what an unbelievable victorious gain. Lower your pain can ultimately have a gain. Remember this remember this, one of the ways he does it is, you’ve got to remember, Satan has a word. Saint comes to steal, kill, and destroy. That’s his word? The doctors have a word. Your boss might have a word. Your friends might have a word. Your spouse will definitely have a word, but all ultimately, listen, God has the last word. Amen? So no matter what’s going in your mind, when you hear negative thoughts, negative things, and you hear that you can’t do it. Listen, remember they don’t have the last word. God has the last word, but you’re going to see later on, you’ve got to remember to tell yourself that. See, if you’re not dead, God’s not done. Amen? Alright.

James Greer (05:07):
So when you get a word that’s not from God or you get a negative report, you just say, God’s got the last word in this not you. You’re facing marriage problems, everybody does, but I’m talking about prolonged marriage problems, you know. Bring them to Jesus. He’s got the last word. There’s health, money, whatever it is, Jesus has got the last word in the matter. So remember this, the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy, and he’s trying to, but Jesus came so you have life and you could have it more abundant. That’s what Jesus wants for you.

James Greer (06:08):
Second, this woman was a wonderful, beautiful picture of example of what it looks like to just faith it. Verse 27 says, and when she heard about Jesus, I love this. She came behind him, the crowd and touched his garment. You know why she came? Because she had heard about Jesus. You all you all might not know it. I hope you’ve heard about what Jesus is doing in our church, right in the midst of the Coronavirus. Amen? Do you realize this year alone, we’re ahead of last year, we baptized 73. Amen? That’s because Jesus is in the house. And today we’re going to baptize 4 more. I think we’ve got a child, a youth and adult. That’s that cool? Huh? God can save you when you were young. He can save you in the middle of life, he can save you when you’re old, like me. God has been in the house. Amen? And what we should be doing, we should be telling everybody what Jesus do it in a house. And other people hear what he’s doing in the house. And they’ll want to come to the house because they need to be in the house. Oh yeah James, that’s good. Alright.

James Greer (06:58):
Six weeks in a row. Six weeks in a row, we baptized people every single Sunday. Now last week there was a little storm kind of got in the way a little bit. But this would be the seventh week. Guess what we’re going to do? Amen? What are we going to do? Amen. I mean, I hope you do know that Jesus in the house and I hope you can do go around and tell somebody, Amen? 28 for she said, if only I may touch his clothes, touch her Jesus. I shall be made well. The century translation says, she said to herself. The amplified version says, she just kept telling herself, telling herself, telling herself if I can just get to Jesus, I’ll change. Man, don’t you know that whatever you’re going through, if you could just get to Jesus that he can change it. This is so important though.

James Greer (07:51):
I teach it over and over again, but you can never understand it. How you need to control your own self talks, is probably the most important talk you’ll ever have. You’ve got to be careful what comes into your mind. And you’ve got to say in her mind, can you imagine, she was saying, listen, I tried doctors, I spent all my money. She’s really considered a woman that was unclean. But she allowed her self-talk to be a fake talk that talked her into getting a miracle. Amen? Important insight is most people talk themselves out of a miracle.

James Greer (08:26):
This lady said, I talked to myself, I talked to myself, I kept telling myself, if I can only get to Jesus, my life is going to change. She had all kinds of problems and reasons not to go. Why she couldn’t change, but she turned herself, talk into a faith talk that allowed her to experience a miracle. I’m really concerned about so many people talking themselves out of what God wants to do in their lives, because they’re letting their mind control them and their thoughts instead of them control their mind and their thoughts. I believe that she faked it until she made it. Not only do I believe she had the right kind of faith talk, I believe that she realized one single touch from Jesus could radically change her life. I still believe that. Do you believe that if you get to Jesus and he touches your life, your life can be changed, Amen?

James Greer (09:21):
I don’t know what you’re facing, but everybody’s facing different things at different times. Sometimes there’s a broken down vehicle that needs to be fixed. I mean just different things. Some of you all have things that the storm has messed you up and got you behind. And you came on and went to church anyway. That’s the kind of people Jesus liked to work in their life. She said, man, if I can just touch Jesus, my life will radically change. Hmm. I believe that your life can not only radically change, I believe in verse 5:29, it changed immediately. How fast was she radically changed after she touched Jesus garment immediately? Now it took her 12 years to get there. So, it may take you a long time to get to where you really want. But sometimes Jesus does it immediately. And the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she had been healed of the affliction. It was immediately. 12 years is not immediately, but 12 years Jesus wasn’t in her life. Once she got Jesus in her life, bingo, she was changed.

James Greer (10:36):
Sometimes I know transformation is a lifetime process. In fact, growing as a Christian is a lifetime process, but I want you to know that Jesus can change your life immediately too. Kevin Edison, a father, let me show you his story. He was radically changed and he was changed immediately. I would actually say, he’s not there yet, we’re going to have a video. I would actually say that he was sick and God healed him and healed him immediately.

James Greer (11:16):
I’d come home and when he was trying to unload it and he actually shot himself. And I stayed out there with him while he passed away. I lived that every day. I was in a job that I had been here 25 years. There was a lot of stresses, a lot of stuff going on. And that was another thing that I was trying to run away from trying to drink myself away from and forget about. I had hidden my alcoholism from everybody at work. I had it set down to a time period and how much I could drink. How drunk I could get. And it was such a routine that I could be completely drunk and not remember any of it. I had a certain kind of toothpaste that I would use, a mouthwash. I had gotten to the point physically, that beer couldn’t do it. From that point, beer was just useless. It was just a bottle of whiskey. I’d sit down in my chair and it just kind of all hit me at one time. You know, something’s got to change. I mean, I had to clear the whiskey bottles out of the way and everything else, but I got on my hands and knees. I told God, I wanted him to be a part of my life more tomorrow than today and more the next day than the day before for eternity. Lord, would you please help me? That’s when I surrendered. Amen?

James Greer (12:46):
Now that was immediately. He had gotten to the point that he was drinking a bottle and a half of whiskey a day. He’d been through about to hit the bottom and he gave his life to Jesus Christ and God immediately healed him. Amen? Now that’s an immediate healing. Because when I hear the word healing, I want you to know it. He, I mean, he can immediately he’ll use that word means he can make you whole, that word means he can deliver. You see, in Kevin’s case he was saved, but he was delivered. It means to save. He also gave his life to Jesus Christ. And that means he’s going to spend an eternity in heaven instead of hell. That’s saved. He was delivered. He was protected. The same word means to recover. And he’s still recovering as of today. He’s not going back to drinking. And everybody said, Amen.

James Greer (13:35):
Yeah, so God can and will immediately deliver you, protect you or it means I’ll give you the strength to go through what you’re going through. And it can still bring honor and glory to God. We have a lot of people in our church that God is delivering. They’ve got cancer. Some of them got a good report this week, even though they say it, but it’s still tough. We’ve got some that got leukemia. We got a lot of really serious sickness. But you know, I can see God delivering them in a way that they’re still bringing honor and glory to God, even while they’re sick. Amen? And so wonderful. Verse 30, and it said, and Jesus immediately knowing himself that power had gone out from him. I’m telling you when Jesus words are being preached and the power of God, there’s something that goes out. He turned around to the crowd and said, who touched my clothes? I mean, I thought Jesus knew everything. Amen?

James Greer (14:44):
So, Jesus started out. I said, who touched me? Did Jesus know who touched him? Yes. Amen? Jesus knew who touched him. He just wanting to show and display something, just like many of you in my time, God has touched us many times. Amen? But we just keep it secret. We’re secret service Christians. And she said, there isn’t no way. There’s this, all this crowd out here. And he said, who touched me? And he wants us not to forget the touches of Jesus in our life, and our marriage, and our finance. And he wants us to be able to tell other people, just like Kevin did. That Jesus touched me. Amen? When I texted Kevin. I said, Kevin, is okay if I use this testimony? He said, absolutely, I love to share the testimony. I want to tell them about the power of God and how it can bring glory to God.

James Greer (15:32):
Verse 31. But the disciples said to him, you see there’s a multitude thronging you. And you said, who touched me? I love this because you can be in church with a multitude of people and Jesus could still touch you today. He can touch you in here. He can touch you online. He can touch you the next time you watch the message. But Jesus can do it. Amen? This is the thing, Jesus a lot of times and is touching lives and miracles are happening. Many miss it. If you miss what’s going on at Journey Church right now, you’re missing something. We’re pushing through the Coronavirus. We’re working through it. We’re letting God work in it. We’re letting God work through it. And we’ll let God get the honor for it.

James Greer (16:19):
Some of you said, man, I didn’t even know Jesus been in the house. Don’t be one of those that said, who did it? Be one of those that’s part of it. Amen? And he looked around to see her who had done this thing, this thing, that it touched him, but the woman fearing and trembling. The woman was fixing to unbelievably humble herself knowing what had happened to her. She came and she fell down before him and told him the whole truth. Isn’t that something? Do you know sometimes Jesus already knows the truth. And sometimes we don’t tell him. Have you ever had a sin, you knew you sinned, but you didn’t want to come confess it. Like Jesus doesn’t know your sins. Amen? God, I’m going to stop doing this or I’m going to start doing this. I’m just not going to tell Jesus about it. Can I tell you secret? He already knows. He’s just waiting on you. And I’m going to tell you something. When she humbled herself.

James Greer (17:32):
Let me give you a free insight about this at three messages. Third message is, over and over again we see humbling relating to healing. She humbled herself. The reason I tell you that, because I believe that if two marriages are having problems, I believe they both humble themselves. God can heal. Relationships God can heal. See, the key is they humbled and then the healing. She went after Jesus and then the miracle happened. She moves, she acted, she did her part. What’s the name of this series. Faith It. Faith It applied and you not only can go, you can go in peace.

New Speaker (18:30):
Look at verse 34. Jesus said to her, daughter, your faith has made you well. What made her well? Her faith. Now go in peace and be healed of all your afflictions. Man, listen to this. She not only got healed physically, she got healed spiritually, and she got healed emotionally. He said, Hey man, you came, you’re afraid. You are sick. You’ve tried everything. Well, now you can not only go. Now am I not only going to heal you , you can do it in peace. That’s what God wants to do. He wants to not only heal you, he wants you to be able to go in peace.

New Speaker (18:44):
Let me give you a recap. As I get ready to close, number one. She had a problem that looked impossible and she had it for 12 years. You know, I say, if you’re here today and you’ve got a problem, you got a year after year or you got a problem that looks like an impossible problem. That’s good because that means you might be a candidate for God to touch your life today. He not only healed her. Second, she didn’t let what others said, including their own mind, stop her from using her faith in believing in Jesus Christ. Can you imagine what’s going through her mind? You’ve already tried the doctors, you’ve even been to church or you listened to your friends. You spent all your money. Hey, Jesus can give you something that money can’t buy. He can give you healing and peace.

James Greer (19:34):
Remember Jesus has the last word in a matter, no matter what the matter is. Every time you hear a negative word, remember Jesus has got the last word. I love it. That she didn’t allow the crowd to stop her. I love how humility and healing go hand in hand. So, I don’t know what area you need healing, but unless you are willing to humble yourself, you probably won’t be healed. The crowd is a picture of obstacles that we all face. You come to church and your biggest obstacle, you know, you need to give your life to Jesus Christ. You know that you need to come to God. You need to pray with him. You need to follow through in baptism. You need to join the church, but no, no, no. It’s an obstacle. You don’t want to humble yourself. It’s a, you spent all your money or you don’t have the money. She didn’t have any money. I think intentionally put it in there that she had spent all her money. Because he said, Hey, you can’t buy Jesus, it’s a heart thing. She wasn’t worried about what other people said. She talked herself into a miracle. When most people talk themselves out of a miracle. Do you know the difference between a faith talk and a fake talk? A faith talk, you believe there’s nothing too hard for the Lord. Amen? A fake talk is you’re listening to your mind and your emotions of other people saying, Hey God, can’t do this. Jesus won’t do that. There’s nothing too hard for the Lord. Amen? I wonder if you’re having fake talks or fake talks, and then her life was healed immediately.

James Greer (20:39):
You may have a problem that you need to come to get to Jesus this morning. You might be broke. This lady was broke, but can I tell you if she had had all the money in the world she would’ve given it to Jesus to get what she got. To get healing and to get peace, which is one of the greatest gifts. Let Jesus have the last word in a matter today, whatever you’re going through. Would you stand. Let me pray with you and pray for you.

James Greer (21:41):
God, what a beautiful picture of a woman or a person, or here in church or here on line, or in the youth department. That really has a need area that needs to be healed. It might be financial might be an emotional. Most of them are relational. Jesus, one touch, radically changed their lives. Father it’s my prayer that everybody here today would learn. Have faith talks and stop the fake talk. Start telling you this, not too hard with the Lord. Look and see what he can do in your life and your marriage and your emotional state that you’re in right now. And then she went to Jesus. I think there’s a lot of ways that you can go to him. I think one of the best ways.

James Greer (22:44):
That’s why I really hate that we can’t just come to the altar and just say, God, I want to give it to you. But, I’m telling you, hey, if you really feel you need to do that, don’t worry about what anybody else says. Just come to the offer and get a touch from Jesus. Some of you have never been biblically, publicly baptized. What are you waiting on? I don’t care if you’re young, in the middle, or old, now’s the time say I want to get baptized. Maybe you’ve been coming, but you never really joined the church. And you know, this is where God wants you. Today’s the day for you to do that. Now God, I pray that we can leave today, healed and with peace. It’s in the precious name of Jesus I pray. And everybody said, Amen.

James Greer (23:46):
On behalf of Pastor James. We’re so glad you joined us this morning in our worship. If you still want prayer, we have people on standby right now, wanting to pray with you and for you. Click the link below. Because of your generosity Journey Church has been able to reach a lot of people. Those that are far from God and bring them close to God. We’ve also been out there trying to reach our community and help them during this time of hurt. This time of disaster. If you feel led to give to the ministries of Journey Church, click the link below and give whatever the Lord has laid on your heart. Hey, next week, Pastor James continues the series, Faith It. You all come and join us. See you then

Recorded in Pineville, Louisiana.

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