Pineville Church Theft, Suspect on the Loose

Mar 28, 2017

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On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 Sharon Jones, Journey Church Secretary, entered the office and immediately new something was wrong. “I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do” Jones said.

It all started with a new sermon series called, “Hooked” by Pastor James Greer when he introduced goldfish to the congregation during a sermon illustration and the crowds fell deeply in love with them. They have become a mascot and a sign of compassion for Journey Church.

Watch the sermon illustration here:

“The fish tank was still here, but the goldfish were gone!” said Kayla Riva, Journey Church Kid’s Minister.

After an emergency staff meeting, the Pineville Police Department, RPSO & Louisiana State Police, were called to assist. J Bert. with the LSP said, “We found some prints on the tank, and we are running them as we speak. The perpetrator will be caught and justice will be served. If you have any whereabouts or information about the missing fish, please call LSP 318-447-2209.” Bert. declined further comments and questioning.

“I drove by the church last night around 10pm, and something looked fishy with a red truck backed up to the doors of the church” – Cecil Zito.

UPDATE: Since the release of this article, this story has gone viral with the hashtag #FindTheFish Here are what some people are saying:

“We had the same thing happen to us. Hope you #findthefish” – Ed Young, Fellowship Church

“Pineville, LA let’s help #findthefish” – Mayor Clarence Fields

“Good morning. Good morning and good morning! I pray that you #findthefish” – Pastor Joshua Dara

“Don’t eat the fish, #findthefish” – Perry Noble

UPDATE // 10:34AM: The fish have not been found, and it has been over 48hrs. Hopes of finding them are dwindling.

LIVE UPDATE // 1:27PM: THIEF CAUGHT: Tony Fuqua of Avoyelles Parish came forward and confessed of taking the fish and using them during a Wednesday Night Men’s fish fry. Fuqua said, “I’m a fisherman at heart. Catching and eating fish is what we do.” A court date has been set for April 1, 2018. Currently Fuqua is out on a grace bond.

LIVE UPDATE // 5:02PM: A memorial service honoring and celebrating the life of Goldy and friends has been scheduled. Visitation will be held at Journey Church this Sunday at 8:30AM & 10AM  and the service will be at 11:30AM. Journey Church would like to thank Hixson Brothers and Always Yours Flowers by Shelia for the complementary service and flowers.

> > > >This story is satire < < < < Happy April Fools! if you’ve made it this far… make it to Journey Church this Sunday!

The fish are alive and well. Come see them this Sunday in the church lobby! Sunday Service Times: 8:30AM, 10AM & 11:30AM


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