Mystery Message God’s Plan: An Unexpected Journey

Apr 9, 2024

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Mystery Message & God’s Plan: An Unexpected Journey

Dive into an intriguing episode of our series as Noah receives a mysterious message that leads him on an unexpected adventure to a store. Confused but curious, he decides to follow the instructions, embarking on a shopping spree to gather all the items listed in the message. With Big Steve’s encouragement to “go with the flow,” Noah’s journey takes a turn towards something greater than just a shopping list. As Noah wonders about the purpose behind this peculiar quest, Big Steve draws a parallel to a powerful lesson from the book of Ephesians. Just as Noah is uncertain but follows the clues, we are reminded that God has a special plan for each of us. Our journey might be filled with unexpected stops and mysterious directions, but by following God’s guidance, we step closer to fulfilling His grand design for our lives. Join Noah and Big Steve as they explore the importance of trust, obedience, and the exciting realization that our paths, though sometimes unclear, are part of a greater plan laid out by God. This episode is a beautiful reminder that every step we take, guided by faith, leads us towards our divine purpose.

The Bible

God’s plan for everyone:
Ephesians 1:1-14

The Big Idea

God has a special plan for us

Talk It Out

  1. What does Verse 7mean?
  2. What does it mean to be chosen? (Verse 11)
  3. Who was Paul?
  4. What was Paul’s plan?
  5. God has a plan for your life. Explain what that means to the kids.

Focus On This

The emphasis for the kids this week shouldbe thatGod has a special plan for us! He knows alland has all of our steps planned out

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