Big Steve’s and the positive reflection

Feb 13, 2024

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Big Steve’s and the positive reflection

Dive into a heartwarming episode of our series where Big Steve shares an uplifting message with little ones, spreading joy and positivity that even Noah can’t resist! 🌈 Sneaking in to listen, Noah discovers the power of positive words and the impact they can have on everyone around us. Watch as a simple observation turns into a profound conversation between Noah and Big Steve. Noah learns about the importance of being a reflection of Jesus – being kind, positive, and inviting to all. 🕊️ Big Steve explains how Jesus attracted people with His warmth and wisdom, and how we can do the same to spread God’s love and teachings. This episode is a beautiful reminder that our actions and words can draw others to us, allowing us to share the love of God and the teachings of Jesus in a way that’s accessible and comforting. It’s a lesson in positivity, the power of influence, and the joy of sharing God’s word through our actions. 🌟 Join us for this uplifting journey with Big Steve and Noah, perfect for teaching kids about the importance of kindness, positivity, and being a light to those around us.

The Bible

The Power of His Love!


The Big Idea

Jesus draws people to himself!

Talk It Out

  1. What was Jesus predicting would happen in these verses?
  2. What does it mean when the verse says, “I have glorified it.”
  3. For Jesus to do this, what kind of love does he have for us?
  4. What are some ways we can show out love for Jesus like he showed his love for us?

Focus On This

The emphasis for the kids this week is that Jesus draws himself towards people! We need to live everyday loving like Jesus loves!

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