Alone in the alleyway

Feb 20, 2024

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Alone in the alleyway 

In this moving episode of our series, Big Steve checks in on Noah to see how he’s been sharing the love of Jesus with others. 🌟 Noah admits he’s been struggling, especially after feeling unwelcome at a party due to past mistakes. Afraid that his friends won’t forgive him, Noah faces a heartfelt dilemma. Big Steve shares with Noah the profound example of Jesus’s unconditional love and forgiveness, even in the face of betrayal, pain, and misunderstanding. 🕊️ He explains how Jesus loved those who were unkind to Him, teaching us the ultimate lesson of forgiveness and love — a lesson Noah decides to take to heart. This episode is a touching reminder of the power of forgiveness and the courage it takes to love others, even when it’s hard. Watch as Noah learns to overcome his fears and decides to show love and seek forgiveness, inspired by the greatest example of love we have: Jesus. Join us for a story of redemption, courage, and the transformative power of love, perfect for teaching children about the importance of forgiveness, understanding, and following Jesus’s example in our lives.

The Bible

As I have loved you!


The Big Idea

We love others as Jesus loves us!

Talk It Out

  1. Reread verse 9, What does verse 9 mean?
  2. What is Jesus commandment in this passage?
  3. What does Jesus call us friends in verse 15?
  4. What are ways we can show love towards each other?
  5. How does Jesus show love towards us?

Focus On This

The emphasis for the kids this week is that we love others as Jesus loves us! We need to live everyday loving like Jesus loves!

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