The Nature of God

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Aug 5, 2022

The Nature of God

The very nature of God is for us to multiply. (Genesis 1:27-28, NKJV)

When God blesses us, we will multiply. When God multiplies, nothing can stop the multiplication process. (Acts 2:41-42, NKJV; Acts 6:1, NKJV)

When you multiply the right way, it will bring joy. (Matthew 25:20-21, NKJV)

The way to multiply is to sow. (2 Corinthians 9:6-10, NLT2)

We greatly determine what we reap by what we sow. (Galatians 6:7, NKJV) God wants us to decide to be cheerful and generous giver so He can cheerfully give to us. (2 Corinthians 9:6b, NLT2)

When you learn to sow correctly you will always have all you need. Your future can greatly be predicted by what you are sowing. Generosity is the only cure for greed.

The results of sowing or giving is to get or multiply. (Luke 6:38, NKJV)

You give out of love or you give out of hatred. (Isaiah 32:8, TLB; Mark 4:25, MSG) Happiness is a result of the right habits practiced or repeated over a long period of time. (Galatians 6:9, TLB)




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