Simple Man

May 13, 2022

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Simple Man

The #1 Need for men is sex. (Ephesians 5:33, NKJV)

Most wives don’t understand their husband’s deep need for sex any more than most husbands understand their wife’s need for deep affection without sex. Men want sex and respect. (Ephesians 5:33, NKJV)

3 things women need to understand about sex:

  • Men’s sex drive is much higher than most women.
  • Some men have medical problems. You will have to be very patient.
  • Understand that not having sex with your husband over a long period of time leaves him open to temptation. (1 Corinthians 7:2-5, NKJV)

It is your God-given responsibility to meet your husband’s sexual needs.

Men have a need for recreational companionship. (Genesis 2:7, NKJV, MSG)

When dating, couples often fish, hunt, go to a game together, or even watch T.V. together. After marriage, the wife often tries to change her husband to like more of her own interests than his.

You don’t get married to change your mate. Spending recreational time with your mate is ranked second to sex for most husbands. The best thing you, as a wife, can do is learn what activity you both mutually enjoy and he will then make the time to do what you enjoy as well.

Heavenly marriage. (Ephesians 5:31-33, NKJV)

The truth about sex, marriage, and intimacy is that it teaches us about the great mystery of the church. Marriage is to be an example of our relationship with Christ and a glimpse of how great intimacy and love will be in heaven with Christ.




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