Facebook Team

We show people the love of Christ by engaging with them where they are at… online. Every person we engage with has a story, and their story matters to God. Luke 15:4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? Every message, every comment, every engagement we are going after the one.

Facebook Guidelines & Tips

When you reply to a message put your signature at the end.

“- Your First Name Last Initial, Volunteer” at the end. So a message might look like, “Thanks for reaching out. We’ll have a staff member respond soon to answer your question. – John D, Volunteer”.

You are welcome and encouraged to pray for someone online.

Pastor James loves connecting people with resources. Whether that’s a scripture or a resource to help. We have www.help4hurts.com that has resources for different types of hurts people may be going through.

Reply fast to messages.

If possible, be quick to respond. One of the ratings for our page is response time.

Always be the last one to reply. 

If someone sends a short “thank you” we want to reply with a thumbs up or something so we have the last communication.

Engage on Facebook Live & LIVE.jcpineville.com

Take away distractions. Focus in as if you are there in person.

Find a quiet place to watch. Put headphones in if you have to. Turn your phone on do not disturb. Try to set yourself up for success by eliminating as many distractions as you can.

Share the link on your social media after we go live.

Ask people to join you for church. This is very important!

Be Active in the Chat with others.

If someone says good morning – say good morning, welcome them, thank them for joining, tell them it’s good to see them, etc. Bring our Journey Church culture online as one of the most welcoming church people have been to. You also don’t have to wait for them to say something, if you see they are watching tag them and tell them you are glad to see them.

Share what you are feeling.

People can’t hear you or see you online, so you have to relate it through typing it. If there is a part of a worship song that is touching your heart, share that with others. If you have tears, share that. If you agree with a point type that in and say amen.

Share insights and scriptures that stick out to you.

Help others engage – type in the quote of find the scripture and post it. What you type may help it stick or be a lightbulb for someone  else watching.

Engage with others.

If someone else is posting insights or scriptures, amen them or give them encouragement.

Hit the like and hearts button. 

The more engagement we get the more our stream will get out there.



As our church family logs in this week to watch the worship service online, the
environment they’re in won’t be conducive to connecting with God and with one another
as it usually is. They will have kids running around, the allure of social media, and the desire
to multitask. For that reason, we want to help our people stay engaged with the worship
service from start to finish. It may feel strange, but as ministers of the gospel this is central
to our charge: we’re going to help our people meet with God through the singing, praying,
and preaching of God’s Word.

Below are some guidelines for those tasked with engaging people online during the


Before the service and up to seven minutes after it begins, periodically encourage
people to share the feed to their social media feed so that friends and family are
made aware of where to find it.


As people engage in the chat, acknowledge them. When they announce themselves,
let them know you’re glad they’re here. If they comment on the worship or sermon,
affirm it. If they ask a question, be sure to answer it.


Periodically during the sermon, ask questions for application relevant, Make sure
they’re short and sweet and don’t distract people from the message, but instead
prompt them to think about what it means for them. For example, if the preacher
says, “this is why regularly reading God’s Word is so important…” then consider
posting “when’s the best time in your week to read your Bible?”


On a typical Sunday morning, we encourage our people to take their next steps in
faith. It’s our job to do that online. When it’s appropriate, encourage people to take
their next steps of faith. You can point them to christcommunity.com/next-steps for
things like baptism, membership, community groups, and serving.


We never know where people will engage, so during the service be sure someone is
monitoring all of our communication channels. Facebook Live chat, Facebook DMs,
Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo livestream chat, etc.


During the service isn’t the time to engage with those who are hostile towards the
Gospel or our church. If it’s clear they’re trying to stir up trouble, hide the comment
and move on. If they have a genuine question or concern, be sure to engage in love.


As the service is ending, encourage people to apply it during the week, to take their
next steps of faith, and to be faithful in their giving.