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Mar 1, 2022

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Online Prayer Team Training

An Online Prayer Volunteer is someone who:

  • Listens carefully
  • Listens with love
  • Listens with compassion
  • Speaks the truth in love
  • Knows that only God can change the human heart
  • Accepts the fact that sometimes they will fail
  • Knows that not every caller can be helped
  • Knows that “good advice” is seldom followed
  • Knows their own constant, personal need of God

It is important to remember that we cannot:

  • Solve other people’s problems
  • Give God’s perfect answer for every problem
  • Know where to find everything in the Bible
  • Insist on helping people
  • Know how to set people straight
  • See everyone made happy
  • Take hold of every need or problem as if it were our own
  • Know exactly how every caller feels


Get Setup

You have to login via a desktop or laptop computer and have a fast and stable internet connection. Go to live.jcpineville.com and click “sign up” at the top right to create your account then go to settings and fill out your profile. Upload a good head shot for your picture. A good clear picture of you will help people connect with you.



Once you’re logged in click the blue link at the top left “Switch to new host tools”. You can also get there by going to live.jcpineville.com/host 

If you don’t see Host Controls, you need to be given access. Please text Pastor Josh at 318-715-7404 to get added.


Watch Training Video

Still have Questions?

Reach out to Pastor Josh 9call/text) 318-715-7404 or email josh@jcpineville.com

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