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Aug 6, 2017


  1. Religious Hypocrites are the #1 Crazy Makers. (Matthew 23:11-36, NKJV)
    1. Religious hypocrites don’t want to serve, but always be served.
      1. If you are not giving some of your time, talent, and tithe you are not humble—you are more of a religious hypocrite.
    2. Religious hypocrites come to church, but turn people away because of the words they speak and the actions they take.
    3. Two types of hypocrites:
      1. Those who come and still live like hell itself and proud of it—boast about their lifestyle.
      2. Those who act and really believe they are so much more spiritual than everybody else.
    4. These crazy makers can pray, pray, and pray. (Matthew 23:14, TLB)
    5. They will do whatever it takes to get people to agree with their way of thinking. (Matthew 23:15, TLB)
    6. These crazy makers want your money—but not your ways.
      1. They want your money—but are not worried about justice, mercy, and faith.
      2. They believe giving money justifies them acting and living without justice, mercy, and faith. (Matthew 23:23, TLB)
    7. The religious crazy makers can see everyone else’s fault, but not their own.
      1. They are judgmental and critical of others—remember you will be judged by the way you judge.
    8. The religious crazy makers look the part.

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