How Dead Dreams Come Alive

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Sep 3, 2021

True Colors

Time to Dream | How Dead Dreams Come Alive

The miracle of your faith = the miracle of your dream. (Romans 4:3, NLT)

Good works are not what saves you, delivers you, and allows God to use you. It’s your faith that brings about the miracles of God’s promises in your life. (Romans 4:13-25, NLT) The right relationship with God grows our faith and produces God’s promises in our life. When our relationship is right with God, we will want our relationship right with others. When we don’t have the right relationship with God, we want to blame and complain. (Numbers 14:1-45, NKJV) When you begin to blame and complain, you not only lose the promises and power in your life, but you greatly affect everyone around you.

If you think God’s promises are only for those who are perfect, then they are pointless to you. (Romans 4:13-25, NLT) The miracle of your faith can bring those dead dreams come back to life. (Romans 4:18, NLT) Faith is believing God is able to do whatever He promises. (Romans 4:20-21, 22-25 NLT) God wants to bless what is left!

What Abraham left behind:

He left behind sexual sins. Ask God to forgive you and then leave them behind. Don’t allow your past failures keep you from God’s favor and future.

When you have God’s favor by faith, you have a fantastic future ahead.

He left behind the lies he told. God still used Abraham in spite of his lies and sexual sins.

Why did God use what was left? (Romans 4:16, NLT)

Abraham believed, not what he did. What God promises, God will deliver. Abrahams faith believed God’s promises when it looked impossible. God wants to use what you have left, not what’s left behind. God can make the last half of our life the best part of our life.


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