How To Deal With The Crazy’s In Your Family – Pt. 2

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Aug 18, 2017

Romans 12:17-20, NKJV

What not to do with the crazies in your family.

  • Don’t avoid the person, and any and all situations, but learn to set limits and boundaries.
  • Don’t give in and surrender every time, you can’t always give in and let them have their way.
  • Learn to pick your battles—make sure it’s worth the battle.
  • Insights to remember when picking your battles:
    • You can win the battle and lose the war—what is the long-term effect.
    • You are responsible for how you treat others.
    • You may not be responsible for how they treat you.
    • You are responsible for how you react to those who are difficult.
    • Manage your own emotions well—stop trying to control the emotions of the other person.
    • Focus on solutions not who’s going to win.

What to do with the crazies in your family.

  • Don’t allow jealousy to become the real problem.
    • Jealousy – When you have all that you ought to have or need, but you still want what someone else has.
    • Envy is when you want something someone else has that you don’t have. Genesis 37:3-4, NLT
      • Most parents have favorites.
      • Insights about favorites: You might have a favorite, but you must be fair; Showing favoritism is fatal.
    • The danger of jealousy. Numbers 5:14, NKJV
      • Causes us to do and say things we are sorry for –love causes us to do and say things we are proud of.
      • Brings bondage—love brings freedom.
      • Damages relationships—love heals and builds relationships.
      • Always wants to take and get – love always wants to give.
      • Is natural—love is supernatural. Proverbs 14:30, NLT; James 3:14-16, NLT
  • Don’t cause the jealousy. Genesis 37:3-4, NLT
    • Showing favoritism causes other family members to respond wrong because of jealousy.
    • Entitlement always brings jealousy.
    • Just because something is true does not mean you need to share it with those it might hurt. Genesis 37:5-8, NLT

How do we overcome jealousy?

  • Remember God is the source of meeting all your needs.
  • Remember God is your Redeemer – Avenger, Deliverer. Job 19:25, NKJV
  • Remember jealousy brings damage.
  • Remember love can overcome jealousy.

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