The Vow of Pursuit

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Feb 12, 2021

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Pastor Andrew Barber | 8:30AM Service 

  • Pursue More
  • Grow Together
  • Focus on the Center

How You Can Fight to Keep Christ at the Center

Pastor Richie Thornton | 10AM Service

  • We must experience Intimacy with Christ.
  • We must live with Integrity before Christ.
  • We must be Intentional in our relationship with Christ.

When God is First in Your Marriage

Pastor Darrell Ingram | 11:30AM Service

  • Jesus is the source and we are the conduit.
  • Don’t allow unmet expectations to break up the miracle of your marriage.

Exodus 14:11, NAS

  • If breaking up is going to be hard to do, then we need to understand God’s plan.
  • If breaking up is hard to do, learn about Reaping and Sowing. Galatians 6:7, NAS
The Vow of Priority - Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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The Vow of Pursuit

God is our number one and our mate is our number two.

“I promise to always pursue my two. God is my one, my spouse is my two. I promise to always pursue my two.”

Eros Love: The love of need.

It is based upon physical attraction and fulfillment. You will have to pursue love to stay in love. Proverbs 5:15-19, CEV

Phileo Love: A friendship love.

Phileo love means sharing of time, activities, the home, hobbies, games, and other objects of common fellowship. Don’t pretend, instead pursue. Romans 12:9-13, NLT

Three ways to pursue our mate and build friendship:

Show them genuine affection.

Honor them.

Value, respect, or highly esteem; to treat as precious, weighty or valuable. Honor is about what you decide, not what they deserve. When you don’t intentionally honor someone you unintentionally dishonor them. When we have Dishonor, we have Disorder.

Don’t be lazy. Romans 12:11, NLT2

Lazy people make excuses; love makes a way. If you want your marriage to be great, you have to keep it watered and pull the weeds. Water – flowing of the Holy Spirit. Without water, you will not have fruit. Pull the weeds – things that choke out your freshness and love in that relationship. Matthew 13:22-23, NCV

Agape Love: A giving love. (Godly love)

Takes the initiative and energizes the other two kinds of love.

      1 Corinthians 13:4-8, NLT

If you don’t keep pursuing the love you have, it won’t be long and you won’t have the love you had. Is your mate the treasure of your life next to God? Matthew 6:21, NKJV The deposits you make into your mate on a regular basis greatly determines your wealth, treasure, and the importance and quality of your relationship.

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