The Power Of Worship

Mark 5:1-15

The Power of Worship

Worship breaks the chains from guilt and condemnation of bad decisions. There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Worship when the world has given up on you; Jesus loved us enough that before we said, SAVE ME, He already paid for our sin through His own death.

Worship into your destiny; there is a reward at the end with your name on it, His Name is Jesus!

God will withhold no good things from those who walk uprightly.

Worship in the storm. (Mark 4) Worship because He goes after the one; God will leave a crowd to look for one.

Your relationship is not rules-based, its confession based. Grace will cross anything to get to you. Worship is an act of your will in honor and submission to the Father.

Point your worship in the direction of Jesus, He will come and see about you; Run to Jesus!