The Monster’s Master Plan: To Master Your Mind

2 Corinthians 10:3-4, NIV

What does the Enemy do?

The enemy tries to shape our thinking –one rock at a time until we are imprisoned to the lies. The enemy’s goal is to place distance between you and God by getting you to depart from the Truth. (John 8:44, NKJV; Romans 3:4, TLB; 1 John 2:26-27, TLB) If we abide in the Truth (Jesus), believe the Truth, and obey the Truth Satan has no power over us.

Lies Satan wants you to believe:

Not to trust Jesus and those who love you the most.
Believe we will never be successful. (Joshua 1:8-9, NKJV)
God does not care about me—God is holding out on me. (John 3:16-17, NKJV; James 1:17, NKJV)
Don’t tell anyone you are struggling, or they will object you. (James 5:16, NKJV; Matthew 18:20, NKJV; Deuteronomy 32:30, NKJV)

How do we defeat the Enemy?

Intentionally change what you think by taking your mind and thoughts captive. (2 Corinthians 10:4-5, NKJV) Our life is a reflection of our thought life—change your thinking and you will change your life. (Proverbs 23:7, NKJV) Focus on God’s promises, not the problem—you will become fearless. (2 Peter 1:4, NKJV)

Simple steps to help us defeat the strongholds in our life.

Identify and admit your stronghold—we cannot defeat what we cannot define. Claim the Truth or Promise that demolishes that stronghold. (Ephesians 6:15-17, NCV) Believe the Truth over the lies. (Hebrews 11:6, NKJV)

Emotional Monsters: The Monster's Master Plan to Master Your Mind