How To Raise Kids Without Raising Your Blood Pressure

Great Marriages Make Great Kids


Classic mistakes most married parents make.

Dad not involved. Result: Wife is exhausted & resentful, feels abandoned, kids feel rejected and will develop low self-esteem. Solution: Stop being selfish, make time for each child on a regular basis, ask your wife what you can do as a dad to help.

Moms too focused on the kids. Result: Husband feels rejected, becomes resentful and bitter, your marriage is dead, your kids live in a fantasy world thinking life is all about them. Solution: Carve out daily time with your husband giving your husband the best or your attention and energy, ask your husband what his needs are and work on meeting them, make sure you are meeting his sexual needs, learn to tell your kids NO.

Both parents too focused on the kids. Result: You are parents not really a couple anymore, you have zero intimacy with your mate, you are teaching your kids how to have a dead marriage. Solution: Start having private time meeting at least 3-4 times a week, talk about anything but the kids, go on a date once a week, hold hands.

Stepparents doing the discipline. Result: Resentment and resistance in the child, you disrespect your spouse’s right to discipline her own child. Solution: Relax and realize it’s not your job to discipline your stepchildren, provide full input on discipline, but then allow them to do the discipline.
One parent in charge.
Fighting in front of the kids.
The hero parent.