Emotional Monsters | From a Cave to a Grave

From a prison to a grave. Joshua 10:26-28

If you don’t come out of the place of past hurt, it will become a prison; if you stay there long enough it will become a grave. If you carry an unforgiving spirit, it will become a grave to God’s plan, purpose, relationships, dreams, and the call of God on your life.

Hiding in caves.

A silent preacher is no better than a dead one. When a nation is in crisis, we can’t afford to be so diplomatic that we don’t’ disturb our generation by preaching the truth in a dark and dying world. A cave can be an attitude and intimidation due to being afraid of and fearful. God is calling us to come out of that cave before the cave becomes a prison and that prison becomes a grave.

A cave is not a home.

Christians can’t afford to be in the cave of contentment. Come out of that cave of failure, that cave of sadness, that cave of sorrow, that cave of past hurts, fear, intimidation, and the cave of unforgiving spirit. God has called you to greater things; He has plans for your life. Jesus came out of the cave; He has the keys of death and life. Jesus has the keys to unlock the prison doors and roll the stones away!

In the cave, we can hear God’s whisper.

God does not wait until we get strong to whisper dreams in our ears. God does not speak to present pain He speaks to future potential. (Judges 7:2) When we are in the darkest emotional monster cave, we must claimGod’s promises–“We are more than conquerors through Christ.”

Put the cave in the past.

God’s will for us is not to live in the pain of the past. Don’t make that cave a prison because sooner or later that cave will become a grave. Come out of the cave, and every time you catch yourself going back you have God’s promises that will get you out. Today Jesus can set you free, and when He does you will be free indeed. (John 8:36)