Emotional Monsters

Emotional Monster of Insecurity | Where Does Insecurity Come From and How to Overcome It

Where does insecurity come from?

Insecurity comes from misplaced identity. Insecure parents foster insecure children. Looking for security in people, places, and things instead of God. Not understanding or accepting God’s love and plan for our life. Looking at yourself through man’s eyes instead of God’s eyes.

Confront the empty places of fear, frustration, and insecurity in our lives and examine how God wants to fill those spaces with significance and purpose.

Seven signs of insecurity.

Imposter behavior
Accommodating: Trying to please man more than God. (Galatians 1:10, NCV)

Defensive Behavior
You are protecting yourself, your turf, your idea, or something you feel is yours.

Unhealthy Competition
When you find yourself unable to cheer for a fellow staff member genuinely, who is experiencing success –that is unhealthy.

Taking Yourself too Seriously
Take God seriously, but we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously.

Attempting to overcome insecurity by achievement, there is no end to the vicious circle.

Selfishness – destroys relationships. (James 4:1-2, NIV)

Judgmental (Matthew 7:1-5, NIV)

Security must come from God.

Insecurity comes from misplaced identity.

Security comes from getting our identity from God. (Romans 8:1, NKJV; Romans 8:28, NKJV; Romans 8:31-34, NKVJ; Romans 8:38-39, NKJV)

In Christ, we are wonderful significant, valuable, dearly loved, and the object of God’s infinite and unconditional affection. Attempting to build intimacy with a person before becoming a whole and healthy person, every relationship will be an attempt to complete the whole in your heart and the lack of what you don’t have. The key to lasting relationships is developing a relationship with God through Christ in such a way that you are secure in who you are in Him.

How do parents foster insecure children?

Constant conflict between parents. Lack of proper and consistent discipline. Repeated criticism. Giving things rather than love.

How do parents foster security in children?

Good solid marriage. Family togetherness. Have a regular routine in life. Proper discipline.

Punishment – inflict a penalty for the past out of anger.
Discipline – promotes growth for the future; results are love and security.

How do you know which you are doing? Simply notice your child’s reaction –fear or love.

 Are you ready today to move past your past and find your passion? Do you have a future you need to start fulfilling?