Luke 1:26-38, NIV; Romans 8:31-32, NKJV

We all have doubts.

  • Don’t allow our doubts to stop us—don’t allow our doubts to lead us to dead-ends.
  • God is good, God is with us, and God is for us.

Fear does not mean we don’t have faith.

  • Faith is believing something that is not so, until it is so.
  • We can have God’s favor and still have fear and frustrations.

It’s OK to ask how. Luke 1:34-35, NIV; Luke 1:37, NIV

  • The spectacular announcement to Mary might have looked like it was a dead-end, but the truth was it was the doorway to her destiny.
  • Don’t stop at the how, when, & why, you will miss the destiny God has for you.
  • What looks like a dead-end today, might be a new beginning.
  • What looked like trouble was really the greatest treasure ever given.
  • Jesus is the treasure—the greatest gift ever.
  • Jesus takes your dead-ends and turns them into your destiny.
  • Jesus helps you walk through your fears until it turns into faith.