One main purpose of Prayer is getting our agenda lined up with God’s agenda.

  • God created us for relationship with Him, to fellowship with Him, but also co-laboring with Him to have His will done on earth. Matthew 16:18-19, NKJV
  • God has already settled it in Heaven, He’s waiting on us to bring the answered prayer and power to earth. Matthew 6:9-10, NKJV
  • Prayer is getting what God already has prepared to come down to earth. Psalm 31:19, NLT2

It is all about Relationships and Connections. 1 Peter 4:8, NKJV

  • Answered prayers have a lot to do with the relationship and connection we have with God. John 15:15-16, NKJV
  • A servant is one attached to a Master to carry out the Master’s commands.
  • Position as a servant is to serve and obey without question.
  • The difference between the servant and the friend is perception — A friend enjoys the privilege of a relationship while a servant is living in a servant relationship.
  • Are you serving God as a friend because of the relationship you have, or are you serving God as a servant because of the position you have?

Marriage is all about relationships and connection. 1 Peter 4:8, NKJV

  • First, marriage is all about friendship, love, and connection relationship.
  • Are you married and connected because of the law or because of your love and friendship?
  • Love and friendship relationships focus on what they can do for the other person. Ephesians 5:22-25, NKJV
  • Second, marriage is all about the physical friendship, sexual relationship, and connection. Ephesians 5:31-33, NKJV
  • Marriage is all about love and respect.
  • The right loving relationship is about meeting the other person’s need not simply yours out of love for that person.

The difference between friendship connected relationship can make in your prayer life. Exodus 32:7-14, CEV 

  • It was God’s will for the children of Israel to be blessed, but the timing was greatly up to those on earth and people like Moses who was willing to intercede and stand in the gap for those who rebelled against God.