The 10 Commandments

God gave Moses the 10 commandments. Commandments are instructions on what to live by.  God gives us instructions because he wants us to have a really good life. God loves you so much and he wants the best for you!

1. Put God first.

Love God more than anybody else.

2. Worship God

3. Use God’s name with Respect

4. Remember God’s Sabboth.

Take a day to rest and focus on God.

5. Respect your parents.

Do what your parents say and honor them.

6. Don’t hurt others.

Love them.

7. Be faithful in marriage.

8. Do not steal.

We don’t want to take anything that doesn’t belong to us.

9. Do not lie.

Only be truthful.

10. Don’t be envious of other.

When other people have things that we want don’t be jeaulous. You can be happy for them.