Being Faithful To God

Memory Verse

Daniel 4:3

His signs are great. His wonders are mighty. His kingdom will last forever. His rule will never end.


Main Point

God  will save us if we are faithful to Him.


Bible Story

Daniel 6:1-23

Daniel in the lion’s den



Daniel was not liked by many people, they were jealous of him, so they made a plan to get Daniel in trouble. They created a law that said no one could be worshiped except the King. Daniel was arrested and thrown into the lions den because he worshiped the on true king, God.

Daniel could have been mad & bitter, but instead he was faithful to his King and prayed knowing God was more mighty than the lion.

God closed the mouths of the lions and Daniel was saved. Daniel was alive and let out of the den. The men who had committed this evil act against him were punished.

We must always be faithful and trust God, because He is bigger than any problem we may face.


Get the Kids Involved

Think about how fierce a lion is and how it would have been easy for Daniel to give into fear instead of trusting God to save him.

Think of a time in your life when you were scared or needed help and tried to fix the problem on your own? How did that work? Now think of a time when you turned to God? How did that work?

Talk about what being faithful to God means and ways we can work on being faithful to him (praying, reading our bible, listening to worship music, telling our friends about Jesus).  


    Goals for the Week

    Memorize memory verse

    Read Daniel 6:1-23

    Make a goal list of how you can work on being faithful and work hard at those goals.

    Keep a journal of your journey and keep a log of when God saves you and when you were faithful to Him.