The Courage of Daniel

Memory Verse

Psalm 27

The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear


Main Point

God provides the courage to live for Him


Bible Story

Daniel 6

The Courage of Daniel 



Daniel finds himself in a tough situation. He knows God deserves his praise, but he also knows if he doesn’t obey king Darius he will be punished.

Daniel must choose between obeying God & obeying King Darius.

It may have been easier to hide his faith for a while but instead he chose to obey God.

Daniel continued to trust God and have courage even when it seemed he would be eaten by the lions & God saved him.

If we stick with God He will take care of us too. We must trust God with all our heart even in hard times.


Get the Kids Involved

Talk about what being courageous means.

What if Daniel wasn’t courageous & instead played it safe? Talk about what would have happened if Daniel didn’t obey / trust God.

Talk about learning to talk to God as you would your parent, trust Him with all your hurts, worries and excitement. He is there to listen & guide you.


    Goals for the Week

    Memorize memory verse

    Read Daniel 6

    Talk about ways we can be courageous during the hard time we are in now.  


    Bonus Fun

    Set up an obstacle course with an easy path and a difficult path with the end of the more difficult one having a better reward. Learning that even if it seems difficult if we trust God and have courage we can accomplish anything.