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May 25, 2018

Luke 7

Starts with YOU.

  • It’s time we take the influence, character, and the person of Jesus to those who are lost and hurting.
  • If everyone in our circle are church people, maybe our circle is too small.
  • What version of Jesus do others see when they read your life?

Starts with Brokenness.

  • To develop relationships, we need passion for Jesus, hunger for Jesus, and the excitement of Jesus so people know we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus.
  • Jesus was not here to institute religion; He was here to inaugurate relationships!

Starts with Desperation.

  • We need more desperate people—desperate worshippers, desperate in our commitment to the kingdom, desperate to have the presence of God in our lives.
  • Shame is the greatest weapon in our lives today—Satan shames us into thinking our mistakes are too great to overcome by the blood.

Starts with Weeping.

  • God is bringing us people who are spiritually broken—in need of a savior.
  • We need to be the church where they can be loved, welcomed, hear the good news, and not be judged!

Ends with Forgiveness.

  • If you confess Christ as Savior and believe in your heart He is Lord you shall be saved!
  • Come with a sincere heart Christ will forgive you, redeem you, restore you, and heal you!

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