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There’s More To The Story


Judges 2:10, NASB; 2 Kings 4:8-10, NASB


  • There’s more to the story.

    1. You can’t judge the story by the scene.
    2. The scene is not the story, it’s not your destination, it’s just a layover!
    3. Don’t stop your story just because you don’t like the scene—stay with it!
  •  The scene is not the story.

    1. Sometimes, in the middle of a scene, it may seem hopeless—but there’s always more to the story!
    2. You can’t get to a resurrection without a crucifixion.
    3. Where your story starts has a lot to do with how you see and tell your story.
    4. Sometimes the thing the enemy uses to try to destroy you is the thing God will use to deliver you!
    5. Every future victory is dependent on you completing your current assignment. 
  • She built a room.

    1. She wasn’t just building a room; she was starting a story.
    2. Three parts of every story you tell: Where you start it, where you stop it, and what you skip.
    3. When we make room for God, God does something in us we can’t do for our self.
    4. What we may think is barren in our lives God can bring to life.
    5. Don’t stop or skip part of your story God’s not finished!