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Turn Your Spiritual Temp. Up 1%_ Pt. 2

“Prioritize and Practice God’s Presence”

Matthew 6:33, NKJV

How do we Prioritize and Practice God’s Presence?

  • When you hear yourself speak or when you talk to yourself does it grow your faith or weaken your faith?
  • The First way to Prioritize and Practice God’s Presence is remember you are the greatest influence in your life.
    • God wants to take our obsessions and turn them into Godly possessions. (Genesis 28:15, NKJV; Hebrews 13:5-6, NKJV; Hebrews 13:5-6, MSG)
  • Second way to “Prioritize and Practice God’s Presence” is learn to remember God will never leave us—whether you are good or bad.
  • Third way to “Prioritize and Practice God’s Presence” is to remind yourself God is there ready to help! (Hebrew 13:6, MSG)
    • The Lord is your Helper—He will use who He wants to help you or help you His self—so you don’t have to worry anymore! (Romans 8:31, NKJV)
  • Fourth way to “Prioritize and Practice God’s Presence” is to remind yourself you don’t have to be fearful. (Hebrew 13:6, MSG, NKJV)
    • Tell yourself, because God is with you, you can go from being fearful to fearless! (2 Timothy 1:7, NKJV)
    • Going from being fearful to fearless is not some simple name it claim it—it’s becoming fearless because of your faithfulness!
    • Your faithfulness is not faith in you, but faith in God and His Word and His Power!

      (Hebrews 4:12, KJV; Isaiah 55:11, NKJV)

Ways we are going to Prioritize and Practice God’s Presence:

  • We have to make sure God is with us—for us and will never leave us—we do that by putting our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • We are going to let this bracelet be a reminder to not obsess with passions, instead we are going to become obsessed with Possessing God’s Presence.
  • We will do that by memorizing God’s Word—commit to memorize at least one verse each week that goes along with our Faith by Confession Devotional Book. (Romans 10:17, NKJV) This is my favorite verse! (Ephesians 3:20, NKJV)
  • We will write them down—carry them with us—read them over and over during the day! Write these also—(Matthew 6:33, NKJV; Hebrews 13:5-6, NKJV)
  • Don’t just listen to this message—APPLY it!!!
  • Fast one meal a day next week!
  • What have you been praying about that has not been answered—find a promise that goes with that prayer—then meet the conditions of the promise and then pray in faith while fasting! (Matthew 17:19-21, NKJV)