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“Don’t Miss the Miracle in Your Marriage”


2 Kings 5:1-4, NKJV

Wrong Expectations can Cause us to Miss the Miracle of God in our Marriage and Life.

  • The young girl could have easily missed her purpose because of her problem—God’s purpose was not to remove her problem, but used it to bring honor and glory to the only True and Living God.
  • Naaman had leprosy, but God already had the answer to the problem.
  • No matter your problem—the good news is God already has the answer –but if we are not careful we will miss the miracle because of wrong expectations.
  • The man of God told him what to do in order to be healed, but it was not what he expected—Naaman became offended and blinded to the truth because of unmet expectations. (2 Kings 5:5-27, NKJV)
  • We do the same thing—we get upset because our mates do not respond the way we expect—when we keep looking to the person for the source of meeting our needs we will get upset and stay upset.
  • When we start looking to God as our only source of meeting our needs and look at others as the conduit God uses—we no longer will get upset because we know God’s in control and He can meet all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
  • Many Christians miss the miracles and power of God because of unmet expectations.
  • We are looking for something great instead of allowing God to take something simple or small and make it great.
  • In marriages it’s the small things not taken care of that lead to the big things. (Song of Songs 2:15, NKJV)
  • Obedience brings healing—nothing can bring peace and joy to a marriage like obeying God and seeing the miracle of God work in our lives and marriages.


4 Ways to Experience the Miracles of God.

  1. Until we know and admit we have a problem we can’t experience a miracle in our marriage.
  2. We must believe God already has the answer to our problem in our marriage or life—God wants to take our problems and give them great purpose.
  3. Don’t allow our problems cause us to miss the Miracle God has for us.
  4. Stop looking for something so big—enjoy what God wants to do in your life and marriage today—tell God to have His will and way in your life.