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“MORE Than You Think”

Matthew 2:1-2, 12

How Far was “Afar”?

  • The Magi were not ordinary—their authenticity to worship, to give MORE was extraordinary.
  • We have to give it up to get where Jesus is—to experience Him MORE than ever before—a whole nother level of Commitment—it will often involve inconvenience.
  • When the Wise Men found Jesus they fell down and worshiped Him then gave Him their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh—they never thought of the cost they just wanted MORE!

Why would they bother?

  • Because they had been reading about Jesus for a long time and they wanted more than just words, they wanted to experience the King of the Jews—The Messiah!
  • They knew a King would be born in Judea and they believed that there would be a star to guide them. (Numbers 24:17)
  • They knew it was something MORE about Him—they knew it was something about that name—the name Jesus.

Have you heard about Jesus?

  • There’s MORE to seeking Jesus than just showing up.
  • There are regular church goers who show up at church, look around, see Jesus, and then go on their merry way without ever getting close to Him.
  • There are many who haven’t come to spend time with Jesus, they’ve just come to feel religious.
  • The Wise Men didn’t just “show up”, they did MORE, they bowed down and worshiped HIM!
  • Has that happened to you—have you come to give MORE or do you want MORE?
  • Do you want MORE of the meal He has offered—do you hunger to find out MORE of what the Bible says about Him?
  • Has your experience with Jesus left you wanting MORE—You can’t live without Him—and you can’t help but bow down and worship Him!
  • When you are in LOVE you want to give MORE.
  • The Wise Men gave Expensive Gifts:
    • Gold—A gift you give to a King.
    • Frankincense—A gift priests offered to God.
    • Myrrh—Used as an oil to prepare a body for burial.
  • In those 3 gifts, God declared that His Son would be: Our King, Our God, Our Sacrifice, and He would die for us.
  • God’s gift to us is His Son—Our gift to Him, we give Him our lives!